[Am]Where did you[G] go,
[D]Mickey-bo, Mickey-bo?
[Am]Where did you [G]go
[D]Our darlin' Mickey?
[Am]The hatred and the[G] lies
[D]Have taken you from our side
[Am}And now Antrim [G]cries
[D]Darlin' Mickey

He lived but 15 years
And his mother, thru her tears
Tells of a boy who lived the peace
That Ireland's needin'
But some who would not be still
They beat that boy until
The life was gone from him
Darlin' Mickey

Let's build a garden of Peace
Wherein hatred can cease
And each forgives the wrongs
Of the other
An eye for eye
Only makes our island blind
And blinded by their tears
Lie the mothers

Where did you go
Mickey-bo, Mickey-bo?
Where did you go,
Darlin' Mickey?
The hatred and the lies
Have taken you from our side
And now Antrim cries
Darlin' Mickey
And now Antrim cries
Darlin' Mickey
And now the whole world cries
Darlin' Mickey

Copyright 2007
Ken McGee


Mickey-bo performed at Leopalooza 2007